Q Poll: Rick Scott's Approval Numbers Down Again, Obama Leads Republicans

Man, Rick Scott can't catch a break. Back in January his approval rating was 38 percent. Yeah, that's still pathetic, but for Scott they were amazing and perhaps a sign his popularity could be improving. Well, no such luck. In the latest Quinnipiac Poll he was back down to 36 percent. Meanwhile, President Obama maintains leads over both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in Florida.

Thirty-six percent approve of Rick Scott's job handling as Governor of Florida, while 52 percent disapprove. Nothing particularly new there for Scott, which isn't good news as he gets closer and closer to his 2014 reelection.

Meanwhile in Florida President Obama's job approval split is 47-49. Those certainly aren't stellar, but 50 percent say he deserves to be reelected. He leads Romney 49-42, and leads Santorum by a larger 50-37. Quinnipiac also showed Obama leading both in two other swing states, Ohio and Pennsylvania. But of the three his lead is the largest in Florida. Good news for the President considering Florida has a lot more electoral votes.

The economy is clearly on Floridians minds. Ninety percent say it's an important issue. Eighty-one percent say unemployment is. Sixty-eight percent of Floridians still believe the economy is in recession, but 57 percent believe its starting to recover.

Less Floridians seem to care all that much about social issues at the moment. Only 55 percent say immigration is an important issue. Forty-eight percent say women's reproductive health is an important issues. Only 39 percent believe social issues like abortion and gay marriage are important at the moment. To quote Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, "It's the economy, stupid."

Floridians also stayed true to their unique environmentalist values. Fifty-four percent disapprove of Strategic Petroleum Reserve. To paraphrase Sarah Palin, "Don't Drill, Baby, Drill."

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Kyle Munzenrieder