Q Poll: Obama Up 51-45 in Florida

Another day, another poll. The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Barack Obama with a six-point lead in Florida, much larger than the one-point lead a PPP poll reported yesterday. It's the largest lead for Obama that any poll has shown in months.

Meanwhile, Quinnipiac also has Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson up 47-40 to his Republican challenger Connie Mack IV.

The Q poll shows that 89 percent of Floridians say they have already made up their mind about whom they'll vote for. The poll also shows Romney with a 41-42 favorable split in Florida, compared with Obama's 50-46. Of Obama supporters, 65 percent say they "strongly" support their candidate, compared with just 49 percent of Romney supporters who say the same.

Also, 55 percent say Obama "cares about the needs and problems of people like" them. Only 42 percent say the same about Romney.

Florida voters seem to think Romney would do a better job handling the economy, but give Obama the edge when it comes to handling health care and national security.

The poll didn't dig as deeply into the Senate race but did find Nelson with a strong lead.

Meanwhile, as usual, 52 percent of Floridians disapprove of Gov. Rick Scott. Only 36 percent approve of his job handling.

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