Python Hunters Wear Snake Piss-Like Cologne, Apparently

Surely you've heard of Florida's ongoing snake hunting challenge, but have you ever thought about the types of people that actually are out there participating? Much like the beasts they're hunting, they appear to be a strange breed.

For instance, apparently they wear the stench of snake urine-like a cologne.

See, when these pythons are being manhandled they have a habit of urinating on themselves, and that snake body fluids tends to wind up on the hunters. But, they're use to it. Proud of it actually.

"When you're fighting them, they urinate all over you," python hunter George Brana tells Sun News.

"Some people wear cologne. This is the smell of our success."

Apparently snake hunters have rewritten oilman J. Paul Getty's famous formula for success: "rise early, work hard, get covered in python pee."

Brana claims to have spent two hours wrestling a python out of a hole a few months ago; a struggle we hope that left him drenched in snake urine. He's also the guy who got headlines for finding a giant 16 foot 8 inch python in the Everglades in November.

For a man though with a unique definition of success and a certain amount of fearlessness, he does have one fear: "Don't tell anyone," he told Sun New, "but I really can't stand to be around cockroaches."

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Kyle Munzenrieder