Old Grover

Watch that hand, Mister

Puppeteering Proof!

Some voters in Miami Commission District Two awoke Saturday to find a political message in their inboxes that just may confirm longstanding charges that candidate Linda Haskins is a puppet of Mayor Manny Diaz.

It is not known exactly when the above photograph was taken. The author of the email, Steve Hagen, urges recipients to vote for candidate Marc Sarnoff in the run-off election against Haskins scheduled for November 21, "and also commit to finding one additional vote for Marc. Your mate or roommate don't count as the extra vote!"

About the damning photo evidence, he writes, "The puppet was squirming when I received it but died when I copied and pasted it. If you want to see it squirm, let me know and I can forward to you." No explanation was offered for the mayor's broad grin. -Frank Houston

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