Punk-Ass Everglades Vultures Will Eat Your Car Just For The Fun Of It

Vultures have never had a particularly good reputation, despite providing an important ecological service. So, apparently vultures in the Everglades have gotten together and decided, "Hell, we might as well give humans a reason to really hate us."

Now they will eat your cars.

Well, not really "eat" your "car." As science tells us, cars are not a good source of nutrition. They will however chew it whenever they want. Basically, to them your car is like gum.

According to NBC Miami, vultures are increasingly chewing at the rubber found around sunroofs and windows and on wiper blades in cars. Why? Just for fun and practice.

Rubber has the same texture as animal skin, and by ripping away at your automobile's rubber they're perfecting the technique of ripping away skin.

"These vultures are learning from other vultures. I think some vultures kind of learned it," ZooMiami's Ron Magill tells the station. "In the beginning they go 'hey, look at this, this is fun, hey,' and other vultures, 'hey, this is fun.'"

The problem has gone on for years, but is apparently increasing as more and more wayward vulture youth also decide "hey, this is fun."

Several videos have made their way on line.

Damn vultures, we always new there was a reason we should hate you.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.