Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: "We Are Not Freaking Out About Swine Flu"

We get a lot of press releases here at the Miami New Times, some are very helpful, most are boring, and a rare, rare few are worthy of blog posting, like this one from the Mexico Tourism Board, whose offices are in South Miami.

The subject line of the email reads: "NO SWINE FLU IN PUERTO VALLARTA" and contains just the link to the YouTube video below, titled "Swine Flu in Mexico." If you don't have time to watch it, I'll sum it up for you:

"In Puerto Vallarta, all the tourists are white, rich, speak English, and have done a ton of research on swine flu, like peer-reviewed, appearing soon in the New England Journal of Medicine-level research, just so that they could come down to Puerto Vallarta, relinquish all responsibility and get drunk as fuck on sweet, swine flu-less Tequila! Even the Dolphins have done research on swine flu, and look how they swim without masks on! Fireworks are exploding! Do you think we'd be shooting off fucking fireworks if there was swine flu in the air?!"

All your stereotypical assumptions -- except for that one about our country being overrun with swine flu -- are still intact, OK? So now everyone can just cool out...COOL OUT!
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P. Scott Cunningham

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