Pro Bowl Will Be In Miami in 2010

Some football rumors we pick up on Riptide never come true. Usain Bolt never did make his start with the Dolphins. Others are actually legitimate it seems, as the 2010 Pro Bowl will indeed be played at Dolphin Stadium a week before the Super Bowl according to AP sources

The NFL has thought about changing up the tradition of playing its All Star game in Hawaii the week after the Super Bowl for years now, and seem poised to actually go forward with the shake up. The future of the Pro Bowl isn't 100% clear yet, but it seems likely that the game will be played in its traditional home in Honolulu every other year alternating with the city that hosts the Super Bowl. Dolphin Stadium will also host next years Super Bowl, giving the Dolphins home field advantage when they become the pre-emanate team in the league next year ...well, anythings possible. Though, it's  much more possible that Chad Pennington will make his Pro Bowl debut in his home stadium after being snubbed this year

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