Prez to "Hostile Press": Come Dine With Me!

I was thrilled to see an invitation in my mailbox (the snail mail one, not the virtual one) the other day.

It was a formal-looking envelope, gray and stately. Good-quality paper, too: kind of heavy, with a linen texture. My name and address were printed on the front. Maybe, I thought, it was one of those nifty discount cards from one of my favorite stores. Or an invitation for an upcoming college reunion or an offer for free cat litter.

I looked at the return address and grimaced in disgust. It was from The National Republican Senatorial Committee and The National Republican Congressional Committee. I opened the letter.

It read:

Dear Ms. Lush,

On June 13th, the most dedicated GOP leaders will gather under one banner and pledge a total commitment to victory in next year's elections.

Ms. Lush, will you join President Bush in Washington for dinner?"

The letter asked me to spend $2,500 for a dinner with the prez at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center. Black tie optional. I paused, wondering how the Grand Old Party had gotten my name and address. I have never registered to vote as a Republican. I have never given money to any political party. As far as my view on the president, they're pretty much in line with Jimmy Carter's. In fact, I'm not too happy with the Democrats these days, either.

I read on: "We will feel a whole lot better about our prospects when we see you take your seat, Ms. Lush." Eye roll.

Then, my favorite line: "Republicans have weathered a brutal assault by a hostile press corps."

Note to National Republican fundraisers: I am the hostile press corps. Save your stamp and take me off your mailing list. --Tamara Lush

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.