Pretty in the City – Snip Preview

Looking for a hot new stylist to give your lackluster ‘do some much needed pizzazz? Need a mani/pedi in a hurry? Lucky you – there’s a hot new salon that’s offering top of the line hair care and spa services just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of South Beach.

Snip is an ivy-covered godsend housed in what used to be the CIA headquarters at 456 Arthur Godfrey Rd., Miami Beach. Formerly located at the back of the hip store Base on Lincoln Road, the establishment is run by husband and wife team Riley and Dona McLachlan, former teachers at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.

“Very simply, we want to be the best in Miami if not the best in Florida. My background was with Vidal Sassoon. We know the foundation of everything is training. We hold classes for our staff twice a week, and focus on color, cut, and proportion. If you’ve got a hair challenge, come to us,” says Riley.

Hair cuts range from $45 to $90, and you can get a full head of highlights from $185. If that sounds too pricey for you, you can get your hair done by an assistant for their training sessions. Call the salon at 305-532-7333, or stop by and tell them you’d like to be a hair model, and they’ll match you up with an assistant for a future training appointment.

But if money’s no object and beautification is your goal, there’s special treatments aplenty to be enjoyed at Snip. The express mani/pedi features two nail specialists working on your hands and feet simultaneously for maximum pampering in minimum time. And if you’ve got lash envy, get over it with their unique eyelash extensions – this new method involves individual lash-by-lash application and usually lasts for two months or so. It’ll set you back $300. -- Patrice Yursik

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Tovin Lapan