Pretty in the City – Review Arcayne Salon

Miami is filled with beautiful people. It’s true – there’s no short supply of bronzed, beautiful bodies on any local beach. It seems that everywhere you look, there are men with chiseled jaw lines, wearing slightly sheer black cotton shirts, or picture-perfect model types sashaying down our palm tree-lined streets. And you know what? It takes a lot of work to look this pretty.

In order to maintain our appealing outward appearances, Miamians shell out big bucks to be primped, pruned, massaged, and made-up. We’d like to offer our two cents about the establishments that offer the services you need to look as marvelous as you do. This is the first in a regular series of salon and spa reviews and previews.

In search of the perfect eyebrow waxing, I figured I’d start close to home. Last year, we gave Medhur Day Spa the Best of Miami award for Best Eyebrow Wax. The write-up gave special mention to Josefina, who is no longer with Medhur. Josefina is now doing her own thing at the Arcayne Salon. So I booked a little late lunch hour getaway to tame the overgrown caterpillars on my forehead.

The salon is lofty, intimate, and quite elegant. I arrived on time for my appointment – 2:30 on the nose – only to see a regular client being ushered in for my timeslot. “It’ll only be a minute,” Josefina reassured. It was more like fifteen. This wasn’t turning out to be the speedy getaway I had envisioned. By the time I was led into the waxing room, it was minutes to 3 p.m.

But Josefina was sweet and warm and soon made me forget the irritation of tardiness. Her little waxing room is neatly appointed, nothing fancy, but clean, well-lit, and definitely an upgrade from the traditional strip-mall joints where you get waxed in the stock room next to a tower of boxes. Her wax is bubblegum pink, and when it hardens, she rips it off with her hands – none of those cloth strips in sight. The waxing itself didn’t hurt much at all, but Josefina was reassuring anyway. Admittedly, my eyebrows didn’t turn out perfect – one was more tapered than the other. But the 20% first-visit discount made everything better, and Josefina’s demeanor made the experience practically painless. We’ll be back for more, Josefina! -- Patrice Yursik

Eyebrow shaping costs $15 at Whole Body Waxing by Josefina at the Arcayne Salon, 5580 NE Fourth Ct., Miami. Call 786-271-6757, or email

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