Pretty In The City – Oooh Aaah, Uhma Spa

A trip to the spa should make you feel relaxed and regenerated, soothed and sated from your head to your feet. Ideally, you can check your stress at the doorstep, and leave it all behind after your visit. If you’re seeking a spa experience that’s everything it should be and then some, allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest new urban sanctuaries in the city. Just say Uhma.

In Portuguese, uma means “one,” and the décor of this eco-chic pampering zone is all about uniting people with nature. The door opens into a wood-grained, green shelved store space, complete with rounded corners to make customers feel like they’re shopping inside a tree. Everything at Uhma is all natural, from the interior design to the treatments to the products they offer. A green-minded beauty junkie could go on a major spree here – you can stock up on everything from the spa’s signature Uhma Nagri organic bath and body products, to Zoya all natural nail polishes. A stroll around the spa revealed even more stunning nature-inspired flourishes – vases made from polished stones, wall art made from cured moss, floors paved with smooth, round river rocks.

Uhma is a beautiful, lush, inspiring space – but it’s so much more than lovely décor. Customer service is key, and the employees here aim to please. From the minute I entered, co-owner Marco offered me an elegant round glass of vanilla-infused green tea. After a brief wait on the curvy microfiber couch, I was lucky enough to experience the Primal Relaxation massage. Wow. Just… wow. I wish I could describe the experience in more lavish and loving detail, but truth be told, I fell asleep! I was that relaxed. The masseuse assured me that a sleeping customer is the ultimate sign of appreciation for her work, and hey, I believe her. As the masseuse employed Thai, hot stone, and shiatsu techniques to work out the hard-as-bone stress knots in my shoulders and lower back. I remember her bending and stretching my legs like I was a newborn baby, just before I melted into the spa bed. Dimmed lights, soothing lavender-scented oils, and soft lullaby-like music added to the peaceful vibe. I woke up feeling more rejuvenated and at peace than I had from any nap ever before. Amazing!

Besides incredible massages (ranging in price from $110 to $290), Uhma also offers traditional spa treatments like body polishes, masques, and wraps, and some quite unusual treatments. It’s one of few small spas to have a wet room where they offer traditional French Vichy showers and aroma-therapeutic soaks. They offer waterless manicures and pedicures, citing the uncleanliness of waterlogged traditional mani/pedis, and special yoga and spa packages in collaboration with the neighboring Miami Life Center. If you’ve tried the rest of Miami’s spas, you deserve to try one of the newest and best. The quality of service, the beauty of the surroundings, and the genuine good vibrations one gets from spending time at Uhma is truly remarkable. Well worth the visit. --Patrice Yursik

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