Pretty in the City - L’Bel Paris Offers Beauty With Benefits

Back in the day, there was Mary Kay, Avon, and Amway for side-job entrepreneurs looking to expand their social circles and bank accounts. Now there’s a new direct-selling company making inroads amongst Miami’s makeup mavens. L’Bel Paris is a luxurious, high quality line of French makeup, skin care, and fragrance line that’s here to make Miami a little more beautiful.

The Parisian-manufactured products have an enormous following in Latin America – L’Bel’s international headquarters is in Lima, Peru, and the company has been maintaining the beauty of women from south of the equator for more than 40 years. The company currently has an American base in our most European of cities, San Francisco. Miami is the most recent stateside market for the brand, and we’re currently one of seven US cities where independent beauty consultants are spreading the gospel.

What’s the idea behind the line? Items are presented through a catalog, but unlike the aforementioned Avon and Mary Kay, L’Bel isn’t a multilevel sales operation where you’re expected to recruit your amigas. They currently offer between 25% and 50% commission on sales, it’s low-impact sales, there are no minimum sales quotas, and you don’t have to drive around with a sign on your car. “We’re trying to immerse ourselves with people who really love beauty and who want to make a profit selling what they love,” explained in-house beauty expert John Krites, during a recent meeting. But what about the products? We’re happy to report the stuff we’ve tried is top notch.

The Matte and Controle cleanser, toner, and mattifying gel do an excellent job of combating the Miami heat and humidity. The Resurgie line is an a.m. and p.m. program meant to resurface and refine the texture of your skin. For ladies concerned about the aging effects of our sweltering climate, there’s the Libertage line, inspired by Botox, but less invasive. This topical treatment seeks to prevent wrinkles and expression lines. Visit www.lbel.com to check out their products and business propositions. -- Patrice Yursik

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