Pretty in the City - Getting Waxed at Wonderskin

Getting waxed is never a fun prospect, but it kind of helps to hear a chorus of women scream along with you. Knowing a group of ladies are suffering in unison does nothing to assuage the pain, per se, but it feels better knowing that you are not alone in your quest for hairlessness. During a recent visit to Wonderskin, it seemed commonplace to hear banshee wails emanate from the victim down the hall.

“Don’t worry,” assured Sandra, an adorably petite professional waxer. “It only takes a moment.”

Wonderskin is hidden away in a strip mall off of South Dixie Highway – behind Tony Roma’s, there’s a sign that reads European Body Waxing. The place is clean, spare, and decked out in lime green, bright orange, and white. High-speed techno music thumped softly in the background as Sandra spread hot green wax all over my nether regions. I tried to calm my jangled nerves by asking questions. Lots of questions.

I learned that Sandra’s career began in her homeland, Colombia. She waxed women there for nine years before moving to the USA. She’s been working here for two years now, and she loves what she does.

“70% of my customers get the full wax. Young, old… I have grandmas,” she laughed.

Apparently Wonderskin’s clients prefer the full monty – as versus the more demure landing strip-style Brazilian wax ($17), or the “Brazilian with top,” which costs $20.

For $22, Sandra or one of her equally skilled coworkers will make you look (and quite possibly cry) like a little girl again. For an extra $15, they’ll wax back where the sun don’t shine. And for your information, popping an asprin, doing a shot, or ingesting any illegals to “relax” yourself or hopefully numb the pain isn’t recommended by the pros at Wonderskin. In fact, they claim those substances can heighten your sensitivity, and lead to even more banshee wailing. Visit www.mywonderskin.com to check out their complete list of services, or call 305-666-6222. --Patrice Yursik

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