Pretty in the City – Blow Your Tax Rebate Out With a Bang

Thanks to G-Dub’s economic stimulus package, Uncle Sam’s blessing your recession-thin pockets with some righteous green sometime soon. Financial gurus might advise you to spend that money on “investing in the future,” “starting an emergency fund,” or “paying off bills,” to which we say, WWGWD? What would George W. do? Or want us to do, as good Americans? We think he’d want us to spend it in one extended self-indulgent pampering. Some me-time to the nth degree, because you deserve to feel like royalty. And you don’t need to go down to the ranch to get it, either.

The opulent ESPA at the Acqualina Resort & Spa is offering you the opportunity to blow it all in one shot on their fabulous tax rebate package. For $600, you can live the glamorous life for four incredible hours.

What does $600 get you? Four hours of the signature treatment, “ESPA Time,” where a mellow-voiced therapist guides you in crafting your choice of treatments. Facial, body scrub, massage, sauna time? You got it, and a sumptuous spa lunch on the outdoor terrace that overlooks the pool, the hot tub, and the ocean in one sweeping vista.

If you’re married, double score! For $1200 there’s the Acqualina Tax Rebate Package, which includes an oceanfront room for two nights, continental breakfasts, and two hour-long treatments at ESPA. Alright, fine. Be a pragmatist; spend the rebate on your hours or your kids, or whatever. There’s still time to indulge in a little me-time yet -- ESPA is offering 30 percent off for treatments 60 minutes or longer, Monday through Thursday from June 1 to September 30. Call 305-918-6844, or send an email.

--Patrice Yursik

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