Pretty in the City - Amazed at ESPA

Now that Pretty in the City has been touring the salons and spas of Miami for over a year (we missed our own anniversary - January 14!) we can look back and reminisce on some of the finest establishments in the city. And we gotta say, we've seen the top of the mountain and it is beautiful.

 Few places can hold a candle to ESPA at the Acqualina Resort on Sunny Isles Beach. If you're looking for luxury and class and a truly nurturing experience for your mind, body, and soul; don't look any further.

This isn't a spa bedecked in modernist trimmings and garish colors -- everything at ESPA is opulent and classy and inviting. Think rich dark woods contrasted with beautifully textured fabrics, ice basins and steam rooms and specialized showers that curl inside like a snail's shell. And besides the decor, there are the treatments. ESPA is the brainchild of Susan Harmsworth, an industry leader who has created magnificent spas across the globe from the Maldives to Tokyo, from Killarney to right here in Miami. ESPA specializes in bringing the spa experience to a new apex, and now our local ESPA has unveiled three new technologically advanced facials called Super Active. Even if you're a seasoned pro at spa treatments, trust me -- this is something worth experiencing.

 The Super Active product range is designed to target specific skin conditions. The names are pretty self explanatory -- there's Calm and Soothe, Repair and Restore, and Firming Eye Contour. When Pretty in the City was invited for the Super Active experience, a little Calm and Soothe was definitely what the doctor ordered. The treatment was very different from the typical facials I've had, which have been typically all about examining the skin under bright lights and magnifying glasses with the intent of extracting imperfections. 

"This is all about you," explained my aesthetician, when I expressed my concern about the dim mood lighting in the room. "Just relax and enjoy the experience." So I did.

Never before has a facial felt so soothing. 

Her cool hands massaged my skin, focusing on each area of my face. After a while she asked me to open my eyes and be prepared for a bright light. Holding a blacklight up close to my face, she showed me areas of discoloration.

"See where those little orange dots are? That's sebum. And where it's a paler purple, those are areas of dehydration. Do you drink enough water?"

My skin didn't lie. Obviously I need to drink more. 

My ESPA Super Active experience ended with the smoothing on of the pricey Calm and Soothe concentrate, and moisturizer. Then I was on my way.

The ESPA Super Active facial was a one hour and thirty minute journey to discovering what my mind, spirit, and skin needed all along. ESPA action doesn't come cheap -- click here to peep the spa menu. Holistic facials start at $150, and treatments can run as pricey as $445 for special massages. But if you're seeking the perfect place to calm and soothe your skin, you should call 305-918-6844 to book an ESPA escape of your own.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.