Pretty In the City - A Miami Beauty Christmas Wish List

Not every Christmas gift needs to be something you can wrap in shiny paper and stash under a tree. If you ask me, the best kinds of gifts are given in a small box, or an envelope. Yup -- Mrs. Pretty in the City isn't receiving averse to jewelry, gift cards, and especially spa certificates for the holiday season. Here are the top ten things we think any Miami beauty lover would adore for the season. Pay attention, significant others and spouses - get your lady something off this list and you'll definitely be her Christmas angel.

1 -- An oceanfront massage at the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. In case you haven't heard, this Ritz has an extra-special spa that Lots of local spas offer fabulous massage packages. But we can only think of one spa that faces the Atlantic, and provides massages in a beautiful private gazebo. What could be more relaxing or romantic than the Just for Two package? A 50 minute couple's massage, then manicures and facials for him and her. Approximately three hours, and it's only $565. A steal, no? No?

2 -- The Moor Detoxifying Body Wrap with Vichy Shower at Uhma Spa. Ever since we reviewed Uhma Spa, we've been fantasizing about our return. During the visit and tour, we got a glimpse of the special shower room, and that's where the action takes place with this special treatment. After your body is scrubbed and wrapped with nutrient-rich black peat, you're rinsed off with a multi-shower head that rains down refreshing, warm water as you lie on a cushioned, warm table. $120 for the treatment. And we'd willingly accept a gift certificate to Uhma -- their holiday specials sound divine.

3 -- Just about anything from Brownes on Lincoln Road. A visit to Lincoln wouldn't be complete without browsing through the bounty at Brownes. Every time we visit, we spend at least half an hour sniffing all the candles and potions and making a wish list for our next visit. We've been promising ourselves to visit the spa upstairs, and one of Brownes special packages would make our Christmas complete. The exotic coconut rub and milk ritual sounds so divine, so decadent, and so like something we deserve. $75 for 50 minutes of pampering, including a body scrub, body wrap, facial massage, and scalp treatment to destress our tresses.

4 -- A gift certificate to GBS. Why GBS, you ask? Well, they're one of few locally based beauty supply stores, and consequently they feature locally-made beauty products on their shelves. Hot Pants Cosmetics, Play Pretty Beauty, and other local brands are all available there. Just put a gift card in our stocking, we'll go pick out what we want.

5 -- An AVEDA gift basket from Van Michael Miami. It's so easy to give back to the community, thanks to this high end Miami Beach salon. All you do is show up, select a handmade, woven gift basket, select your favorite products. For every gift basket purchased totaling over $100, Van Michael Salon will donate a holiday basket
of AVEDA products to the Lotus House Women's Shelter. The campaign runs through December 24.

There! Now our loved ones know what to get us (and you know what to get your loved ones). Pretty in the City will be back in 2009, with even more beauty tips, reviews, and interviews for the ladies of Miami. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik