Pressure on Dolphins to Draft First Round Quarterback For First Time Since 1983

No team in the NFL has gone as many years without drafting a quarterback in the first round than the Miami Dolphins. The last time they did the year was 1983 and the man was Dan Marino, which, of course, made drafting a quarterback not much of a concern for much of the next two decades. Though, it's been more than ten years since Marino retired, and the Dolphins haven't done anything with their first round pick to try and break the so-called "Marino curse" which causes pretty much every QB in teal and orange since to play like a dud.

The Dolphins have however drafted many a quarterback in the second round, including John Beck in 2007, Chad Henne in 2008 and Pat White in 2009. Which has worked out so well that Beck is now leading a mediocre Redskins team, White plays minor-league baseball, and Henne is, for the moment anyway, just about the most hated man in town. Luckily, the Dolphins don't have a second round draft pick this year.

Luis DeLoureiro of breaks down the Dolphins' QB drafting history and the historic suckiness of second round QB pics (at least for the teams that drafted them) for an NY Times blog:

Using the second round to acquire a franchise quarterback has been a losing proposition. As I stated in a post in April, quarterbacks picked in the second round almost never pan out for the team drafting them. Since 2001, 12 quarterbacks have been taken in the second round. Jimmy Clausen and Henne are the only two players starting for the team that drafted them. And both have a tenuous hold on the job.
Drafting a QB in the first round is always a risky proposition, and sometimes lower-round draft picks turn out to be diamonds in the rough (Tom Brady was picked up in the sixth round). Though, the last time the Dolphins did it they hit gold. If they should try it again this year here's a few of the QBs being projected as possible first round picks.

  • Andrew Luck, Stanford
  • Cam Newton, Auburn
  • Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
  • Jake Locker, Washington

Though, most of those guys may go before the middling Dolphins get a pick. Plus, if there's one thing almost every single mock draft has in common, it's that the Fins will pick Alabama running back Mark Ingram in the first round. With Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams' futures uncertain, it's not a bad pick. Though, I'd either pray like hell the team makes an interesting QB trade or start taking a good long look at the QBs of the 2012 class.

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Kyle Munzenrieder