Post-Turkey Critical Mass Heads Through East Little Havana, Liberty City, Wynwood Tonight
Photo by George Martinez

Post-Turkey Critical Mass Heads Through East Little Havana, Liberty City, Wynwood Tonight

It's the day after the big day. That extra piece of turkey is sitting heavy in your stomach. Those three extra glasses of Merlot are throbbing straight through to your brain. 

If you're a lunatic, you're eagerly planning some kind of marathon shopping spree that will take you to hordes of stores where you can score all of those sweet Black Friday deals as you snake your way through crowds of shoppers possessed by the desperation of a starving man in the desert. If you're looking for a fun way to work off a few calories — or at least a great excuse to get away from Aunt Mildred for a couple hours — you're in luck. Tonight is Critical Mass. 

The monthly group bicycle ride will head to Miami's northwest before looping back south in essentially a large circle. 

The route begins, as always, at Government Center in downtown, then heads west along Flagler Street, through East Little Havana, to NW 22nd Avenue. There it'll turn north, passing through Allapattah and Brownsville. Cyclists will jog west again at NW 54th Street, over to 27th Avenue, up to NW 79th Street; from there the route heads back east to NW 12th Avenue, then south through Liberty City, all the way to NW 29th Street, then zigzag east through Wynwood and Overtown and back downtown. 

As always, the ride meets at 6:30 and pedals out at 7:15. Tonight's distance is a relatively modest 16 miles and all flat — all the better for anyone still recovering from a day's worth of bad decisions. 

Here's a full map of the route: 

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