Poll: Senator Bill Nelson Continues to Crush Connie Mack IV

Barring any sort of crazy scandal or shakeup, you might as well refer to Rep. Connie Mack IV as the GOP's presumptive senate nominee in Florida. He continues to poll heads and tails above his Republican primary competitors (and is now refusing to show up to debates, as he's already considered himself the leader). Of course, the prize for winning that primary looks like it may just be a one-way ticket to the bottom of incumbent Senator Bill Nelson's figurative shoe. Ol' Senator Spacesnakes continues to crush Mack in general election polling, and he's not in much danger of losing ground.

The latest numbers come from Public Policy Polling.

In a Nelson vs. Mack IV match up, the Democrat pulls ahead 49 to 36 percent.

The rest of what remains of the GOP field doesn't do much better. Nelson beats businessman Mike McCallister 47-33. Former Rep. Dave Wheldon falls 47-31 to Nelson. And George LeMieux falters 48-35 to Nelson.

"What makes Nelson an unusually strong candidate is his appeal to Republicans," writes PPP. "23 percent of them approve of him, unusual in this highly polarized political climate. And he gets anywhere from 13-17 percent of the GOP vote in head to heads against his potential opponents. He's also strong with independents, leading the Republican candidates by anywhere from 20-24 points with them."

Granted, the race is likely to get closer as general election day draws near and the eventual GOP nominee Mack gets more media attention, but all signs point to another six years of Senator Spacesnakes.

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