Poll: Marco Rubio Is Second Most Popular Pick Among Potential Romney Running Mates

Two separate polls now have shown that Florida's junior senator, Marco Rubio, wouldn't give Mitt Romney much help in his home state against President Barack Obama in November, but that hasn't stopped voters in the rest of the nation from thinking he'd be a pretty decent Republican running mate. He comes in second in a poll asking about the most buzzed-about veep picks. Of course, that begs the question: Do Americans really think Rubio would be a good pick, or have they simply heard a lot in the media about him being a potential Romney running mate?

According to a Quinnipiac Poll, 24 percent of Americans think Rubio would be a good pick, compared to just 14 percent who think he'd be a bad choice. Another 58 percent have no opinion. That doesn't sound spectacular, but it's better than all the other buzzed-about potential running mates.

Some 40 percent of Republicans think he'd be a good pick, compared to just 7 percent who think he'd be a bad pick. Independents are split 27-14.

Only New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie does better, with 31 percent thinking he'd be a good pick. Another 24 percent think he'd be a bad pick. Notably, though, the gap between those who think he'd be a good pick and a bad pick is much smaller than Rubio's.

Congressman Paul Ryan comes in third with a 23-17 split. The other potential candidates asked about -- Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal -- are all lesser known.

Romney, however, better think carefully about his running mate. The same poll shows he's trailing Barack Obama nationally 46-42.

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