Poll: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush Jump Ahead of Hillary in Florida

Hillary Clinton was doing pretty well in Florida before she actually officially announced her candidacy. Most polls showed her ahead of local boys and possible Republican opponents Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, but in the week since Clinton announced she's running for the White House — a day before Rubio's own announcement — her momentum hasn't exactly swelled. A new Mason-Dixon poll shows both Rubio and Bush with comfortable leads in Florida. 

The poll interestingly only focused on the trio, and didn't test numbers for other Republicans, let alone any other Democrats. 

The poll found that Bush leads Clinton 47-43. In fact, the Florida Governor has a lead over Clinton in every region of the state except for Southeast Florida where Clinton has a 52-38 lead. Bush gets 57 percent of the white vote compared to Clinton's 32, while Clinton has a slimmer seven point lead amongst Hispanic voters. Black voters are firmly behind Hillary at 92 percent. 

Rubio actually does better than Bush against Clinton. The Senator from Florida leads the former Senator from New York 49 percent to 43 percent, though support from his home region is still lacking. In Southeast Florida, Hillary leads 53 to 40. Interestingly, Clinton and Rubio are in a statistical tie amongst Hispanic voters, with Clinton narrowly leading 46 to 45 percent. The racial dynamics in this matchup otherwise are similar to the matchup against Bush. 

Meanwhile the poll found that 39 percent of Democratic primary voters are definitely for Clinton. It found 40 percent said they'd be open to another candidate, but only 12 percent say they would rather vote for another Democrat. 

The poll also tested all three candidate's favorability ratings in the state. 

It's a big change in standing since a Qunnipiac poll in January that saw Clinton beating all Republican contenders by scoring more than 50 percent in every matchup. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder