Poll: Florida Republicans Still Have No Idea Who They Want to Run for Senate

At this point the 2012 horse race the republican primary for the Florida senate seat sort of mirrors the party's primary for the presidential nomination: a bunch of not-terribly-exciting politicians that no one seems to be all that excited about. The latest poll by Sunshine State Communications, a Republican polling company, finds that not a single candidate is getting more than 11 percent of party voter's support. 64 percent remain undecided.

Here's the breakdown by candidate:

  • Mike Haridopolos - 11 percent
  • George LeMieux - 9 percent
  • Mike McCalister - 4 percent
  • Adam Hasner - 0 percent

Because the margin of error is 4.98 percent, Haridopolos and LeMieux are technically tied for the lead.

The goose egg for Hasner is surprising and call into question the overall accuracy of the poll. Rep. Hasner has been making inroads in far-right and Tea Party support and recently dominated a recent straw poll of a Fort Lauderdale Tea Party group's straw poll by pulling in 50 percent of first-place votes. Though, that same poll also crowned Herman Cain as the winner in the presidential straw poll. Herman Cain is better known in political circles as "Who?"

Basically, every candidate still has a long way to go before cementing support amongst the Republican base, and even further to go to actually beat incumbent Bill Nelson. The numbers also leave a lot of room for someone more exciting to get into the race -- perhaps a Rick Scott-style outsider, or a better known Republican. (Jeb Bush, this could be yours, you know?)

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