Poll: Florida Republicans Really Don't Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump may be the leading Republican candidate nationally according to both the Real Clear Politics and Pollster average of polls, but in Florida he's an also-ran candidate. In fact, a recent poll found that Trump is in a distant fourth place in the Sunshine State behind native boys Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker. 

The poll comes from Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, and was taken after Trump's most recent flap involving Sen. John McCain's credentials as a true "war hero." 

Here are the results of the bloated Republican field. 

Jeb Bush 28%

Marco Rubio 16%

Scott Walker 13%

Donald Trump 11%

Mike Huckabee 5%

Ted Cruz 4%

Rand Paul 3%

John Kasich 3%

Carly Fiorina 2%

Ben Carson 1%

Bobby Jindal 1%

Rick Santorum -

Rick Perry -

Chris Christie -

Lindsey Graham -

George Pataki -

Undecided (NOT READ) 13% 
Trump's showing is much lower than it is in national polls. The Pollster average has him leading Jeb Bush by over six points at 21.4 percent. The RCP average has him up 4.8 points over Bush with 18.2 percent of the vote. 

Surely Bush and Rubio's hometown credentials give them a bit of a bump here, but that doesn't explain why Trump is below even Walker. 

Granted, many Florida Republican politicians, especially in Miami, have had no trouble openly criticizing Trump. Though, it's not like Florida Republicans don't like shady businessmen with a habit of saying controversial things. They elected Rick Scott twice, after all. 

Trump is so unpopular amongst Florida Republicans that 58 percent said they would never vote for him. 

Over on the Democratic side, Floridians are, unsurprisingly, all about that Hillary Clinton. Here are the results for the much smaller Democratic field. 

Hillary Clinton 58%

Bernie Sanders 17%

Martin O’Malley 2%

Lincoln Chafee -

Jim Webb -

Undecided (NOT READ) 23%

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Kyle Munzenrieder