Poll: Bill Nelson Leads Connie Mack IV by Eight Points in Senate Race

Just two weeks ago, a Rasmussen poll showed Republican Connie Mack IV beating incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by seven points, but now a new Quinnipiac poll shows an almost opposite picture. According to Q, Nelson now leads Mack by eight points in the battle of Senator Spacesnakes vs. "the Charlie Sheen of Florida Politics."

In the poll, 44 percent of Floridians say they'd vote for Nelson, while 36 percent say they'd cast their ballot for Mack.

Nelson has a ten-point advantage among independents and an astounding 14-point advantage among women.

"President Barack Obama's surge in Florida is helping Sen. Bill Nelson's re-election chances," Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said in a release. "Just as President Obama's lead in the presidential race in the Sunshine State is fueled by female voters, so too is Nelson's. He also is running better among several groups, including whites and Catholics and voters 50 to 64 years old."

he moderate Nelson has never been left-leaning voters' favorite Democrat, but 80 percent are ready to vote for him this time around. By comparison, only three out of four Republicans say they're ready to vote for Mack.

It's the widest lead in this race by Nelson in Quinnipiac polling and his first outside the margin of error. In January, Nelson led by only one point.

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