Since 2006 Quinnipiac has been keeping tabs on which countries Americans perceive as the most friendly. Their latest findings show that Americans are slowly warming up to Cuba. 

Poll: Americans View Cuba as More Friendly, or At Least Less Hostile

Participants in the poll are asked to rate how friendly they perceive a country is to America on a scale of 0-100, 100 being the friendliest. Cuba scored a 23 in 2007, and have improved to a 30 this year. They're still not viewed as our best friend forever, but they are slowly entering "frenemy" territory. Cuba came out with the same score as Venezuela, fared slightly better than "The Government of Palestine" and slightly worse than Pakistan. 
Democrats view Cuba significantly better than Republicans. Among ethnic groups, Whites gave Cuba a score of 30, Blacks a score of 35, and Hispanics a score of 32. 

The other interesting finding of the survey shows that we're now more trusting of France. Remember the whole "Freedom Fry" fiasco? In 2006 France had a lukewarm score of 45, and have improved to 57 today. Meanwhile, our perception of Russia turns more unfriendly. 

For contrast, our "best friend" nations include England with a score of 80, and Canada with a score of 79. Israel also ranks high with a score of 69. North Korea (15) and Iran (17) bring up the rear. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.