Police Shoot Suspected Purse Snatcher Outside Hialeah Publix

The last thing anyone wants to do while doing their grocery shopping if suddenly find themselves in the middle of a police shooting, yet that's exactly what happened last night to shoppers at a Publix in Hialeah.

A police officer working security detail at the Publix Sabor at 1290 West 68th St. got into a confrontation with a suspected purse snatcher that lead to the suspect being airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"I heard from the manager that somebody had their purse stolen and that someone else got shot, that's what I heard," customer Victoria Coppoloff told NBC 6.

The station now also identifies the suspect as 30-year-old Javier Diaz.

"Might've done what he did but he's a family person," Suana Lopez, his sister, told WSVN. "He always cares about family. Has two kids, one with autism, that he's trying to provide for."

Other witnesses claim that they heard about four to five shot ring out. One of the bullets hit close to Diaz's lung and he's now in serious condition at the hospital.

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