Police Looking for Man Who Straight Up Stole a Car From a Car Wash Line

Miami-Dade Police are looking for a dirty criminal who stole a car straight from an auto-cleaning line. Yes, in Miami-Dade sometimes your car isn't safe even when you've taking it to the car wash.
The incident happened April 6 at a car wash at 2701 SW 137th Ave. in Kendall. Around 10 o'clock in the morning, a woman took her Volkswagen Beetle to get cleaned and was waiting for it to be returned. She never got her car back. 

Apparently someone stole the keys from a car wash attendant and took off in the vehicle. Police have not been able to find the car and are now asking for the public's help. They've released images and video from the car wash in hopes that someone has tips. 

The video shows a man in a white shirt getting into the dark-colored Beetle. An attendant tries to get him out of the car and retreats for a second. The man then closes the door, puts the car in reverse, and drives off as the attendant desperately tries to stop him. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.
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Kyle Munzenrieder