Police Believe Sean Taylor was “Random” Victim

Whenever media spotlights shine on the early death of a celebrity like Sean Taylor, the tragedy somehow becomes symbolic of something larger. Maybe it’s fear or a desire to put our finger on something that we feel we can control. If we figure out what caused it, maybe we can stop it from happening. A Miami Herald reader wrote in today’s edition: “The tragic murder of Sean Taylor is the result of what happens when young children do not have strong moral teaching.”

At a 3:15 news conference today, Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker said he believed that the killing of the Washington Redskins safety was “random”: “We have no reason to believe that this was anything other than a burglary or an intruder.” Still without suspect descriptions, he said no witnesses have come forward and Taylor’s girlfriend didn’t see the person or people responsible. Random violence that resulted in murder in a community where we live is far scarier than the abstract corrosion of morals. Even scarier, how do we control it?

Police encouraged anyone with information to call Miami Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. -- Janine Zeitlin

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Tovin Lapan