Police Arrest FIU Professor Accused of Raping Unconscious Woman

The evidence that Florida International University professor David Ralston raped an unconscious woman seems strong. The attack was caught on surveillance video, police say, that he had set up in his Lee County home.

So when Ralston got word that detectives were trying to persuade him to voluntarily surrender, Ralston fled. After more than a month of evading police, the 69-year-old Ralston today was caught at the Days Inn at 1700 W. Broward Blvd. 

The woman had reported the attack to 911. Lee County Sheriff's deputies showed up at the professor's home to find the victim incoherent. 

She later told police that Ralston had hired her off Craigslist in April to do housework for him. On April 29, Ralston offered her a drink while she cleaned, and the woman accepted. She began to feel disoriented. Ralston made a move, and the victim was unable to push him away. Eventually, she passed out and couldn't remember what happened next. 

After obtaining a search warrant, deputies found the tape in Ralston's surveillance system. 

On May 6, authorities talked to Ralston and his attorney by phone and tried to persuade the professor to turn himself in. That's when he ran. After an investigation, police found he also owned a home in Weston. And today they tracked him to the Days Inn. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a helpless victim. 

According to FIU's webpage, Ralston taught for the College of Business' Department of Management & International Business. He taught classes on international business environment and international management.

According to CBS Miami
, FIU says he was not teaching courses during the current summer semester. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder