Plaxico Burress Would Like to Play for the Dolphins When He's Not Busy in Court

One of the pros (or cons) for sports teams in Miami on both the professional and college levels is that they often attract players who want to make their home in South Florida year-round. Yeah, there are the guys who just enjoy the weather or have family here, but like a lot of non-natives, there's a subset of players who are attracted to Miami for less than pure reasons. 

Barry Jackon's Florida Sports Buzz column yesterday carried a tidbit that Miami resident Plaxico Burres would love to join the Dolphins. Eventually. Once he's resolved his legal problems, that is. 

Burress, as you might remember, carried an unlicensed concealed handgun into a New York City club last fall and accidently shot himself. He'll appear in court next month on charges of illegal possession of a firearm and could face three and a half years in prison. 

Burress has also racked up his share of legal problems in South Florida. He's involved in a civil suit with a Broward County woman who claims his Mercedes backed into and damaged her car. He also picked up four tickets for moving violations (speeding, improper display of tags, improper lane change, and improper window tinting) in Broward in March. 

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