Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Wisin Team Up for Star-Studded "We're All Mexican" Music Video

Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Wisin Team Up for Star-Studded "We're All Mexican" Music Video

You might not experience it much if you rarely leave Miami-Dade County, but there are certain parts of America where gringos assume anyone who's Hispanic is Mexican. It's also in these parts of the country where you're more likely to find people jumping on the wave of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant-rhetoric-fueled presidential campaign. 

Emilio Estefan took notice of all this craziness and got a little concerned, so he called a bunch of his famous friends to record the song "We're All Mexican." It's not exactly a Donald Trump dis track, though. The song is more of a Latino pride anthem highlighting the contributions Hispanics have made to the United States. 

This track features verses and cameos from tons of Latino celebs, including Pitbull, Wisin, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Rita Moreno, Thalia, guacamole, and even that Chihuahua from YouTube that dances on his hind legs to salsa music. Non-Hispanic celebs such as Wyclef Jean, Whoopi Goldberg, and Kathy Griffin also dropped by the digital fiesta. Archive footage of Hispanic icons such as Celia Cruz and Desi Arnaz is also featured. 

"There seems to be a resentment, a certain hate [toward Latinos]," Emilio Estefan told Univision News in an interview last night before debuting the video this morning. "Latinos have accomplished a lot. We have to send a message to the entire world that we're united."

Estefan also wanted to clarify that the song isn't supposed to be about Trump. 

"It's not about him. It's about everything I've seen around him," he said. “The song celebrates the positive contributions of immigrants in the United States as a balance to the negativity being expressed publicly." 

Trump has not yet commented on the video. 

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