Pissed Off Port of Miami Valets Dump Keys in a Giant Pile and Let Drivers Fend For Themselves

Dozens of cruise ship passengers got off their ocean jaunts all tanned and rested only to experience a slice of pure parking hell Miami style. Passengers who had left their cars in city parking lot 58 found no signs of valets and just a big pile of keys dumped on the asphalt.

According to NBC Miami, the valets were apparently upset that they weren't being paid properly by Tampa-based Premier Parking Ventures so they dumped the keys in protest. Though, it was the customers who ended up getting the blunt end of the protest.

"We get here, and we hand in our ticket, and they try to find the car, and the girl says, 'Listen, you should try and find your own car. We don't know where the keys are,'" Bob Smith told WSVN.

Several rummaged through the pile looking for their keys. Others had locksmiths come out to make new keys. Some called tow trucks and a few had spare keys driven to them. But even if the customers did manage to find their keys that didn't mean they were getting out of the lot anytime soon. In many cases they still had other cars blocking them in.

"They had just a mosh pit of people scrambling through keys, and people saying they're gonna miss their flight, some people screaming they're gonna call the police," passenger Brian Kline told NBC Miami.

As of this morning some passengers still were not able to drive their cars out of the lot.

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