Gongora's own mailing (left), and Weithorn's (right).

Picture This

What a difference a photograph makes.

Over the weekend, Miami Beach residents found two political flyers in their mailboxes with two very different images of Michael Gongora, candidate for beach commission. Gongora will face Deede Weithorn in today's runoff election, making this the perfect time for last-minute attack ads and unflattering photos.

Gongora's mailing — a postcard featuring two cheery photos of the candidate — was in stark contrast to a page-size Weithorn mailing decrying Gongora's questionable residency history. In the former, Gongora looks boyish and amiable, his eyes bright. In the latter, Gongora's lips are pursed with what looks like uncertainty or anxiety, his gaze blank and his relatively large ears positively Dumbo-esque against the black background.

-Rob Jordan

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