Photos of Miami's "Most Expensive" Home Ever

Looking for a new home and got $60 million to spend? Well, first-time developers Shlomy Alexander and Felix Cohen have just the pad to you. The pair bragged to NBC Miami this weekend that if the soon-to-be completed mini-resort they just completed sells for its total asking price it could be the most expensive home sale ever in South Florida. So what exactly does $60 million get you? Take a look.

The property, located at 3 Indian Creek Drive, boasts 10 bedrooms, 10 baths (and four half baths), five kitchens, a 7 limo garage, one panic room and 30,000 total living space. It also features "light filtering louvered walls," a rooftop lawn, 100 ft pool, and a chromotherapy spa. (We are too poor to understand what a chromotherapy spa is.)

The house is listed by The Jills (we love The Jills, when are they getting their own reality show?) and only potential buyers with a net worth of $500 million or more are even allowed to see it.

So how did a home this expensive get built in the midst of recession?

"Well, first of all, we are not professional developers," Cohen tells NBC Miami. "We are people - we like beautiful things. I, myself, am in the fashion business. And I consider fashion decoration, architecture -- it's all about the same thing. It's about the beauty."

Why is everything so beautiful so expensive? Though, we have a gut feeling that this could go for well under the hefty asking price.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.