Photo of Baby With Bong Being Investigated by Florida Department of Children and Families

Well, here's a photo of a baby bro appearing to smoke pot out of a bong. The child's 19-year-old mother posted the image somewhere online. The Internet being what it is, the photo quickly spread. She lives in Keystone Heights, Florida, near Jacksonville (and in her defense, there is probably nothing better to do there than be a horrible parent and an idiot).

Now she's being investigated by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

"We are alarmed that any parent would take pictures of their child next to what is obviously drug paraphernalia," said DCF spokesman John Harrell, according to UPI.

The teen mother tried to perform some damage control on her Facebook page, writing, "If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO [sic] pipe. And i took a pic to show one [expletive] person and it was a mistake. I would never ever ever let him get high."

The DCF has already visited the house twice before, and the mother could face charges if drugs were being used around the child.

[WOKV: Teen: Baby Bong Picture Was A Joke, Child Services: Not Laughing via Gawker]

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