Peter Dabish Sentenced to Life for Torture and Murder of Recent UM Grad Diana DeMayo

​Twenty-three-year-old Diana Demayo had just graduated from the University of Miami with honors and had a bright future in front of her when she returned to her native Detroit and got involved with 24-year-old Peter Dabish. The privileged son of a ​cofounder of the national chain Powerhouse Gym, Dabish was convicted of torturing and murdering Demayo. He was sentence to life in prison with no chance of parole.

The attack took place March 11 inside Dabish's luxury apartment. He tortured Demayo for hours in attacks that left blood splattered around the home. Demayo's dog, which she had adopted from a Miami-Dade shelter, was found later with blood in his fur. 

Dabish also made a threatienng call to Demayo's father during the prolonged attack and told him that Diana couldn't come to the phone because she was too busy crying. 

Eventually, Dabish called police and told him that Demayo had overdosed. They arrived to find her barely alive and removed her from the apartment. Only small traces of anti-anxiety medication were found in her system. She was put on life support, but there was no hope for recovery. 

Demayo's mother, Linda, who lives in Florida, flew to Detroit and was there when doctors removed Demayo from life support. 

"I held my head against my daughter's chest to hear her last breath. I had been there for her first when she was in my womb," Linda Demayo testified.

Dabish was apparently angry over rumors that Demayo had been involved with another man and over perceived insults Demayo's father made at a dinner just days before the attack. 

Dabish had a history of violent behavior. Several former girlfriends testified about violent threats he had made, and previous misdemeanor charges showed a pattern of increasing violent and erratic behavior.  

"Let me say this to you, Mr. Dabish. Your life path has been one that has been overindulged and unchecked," Wayne County Circuit Judge Linda Parker said during the sentencing.

Dabish will spend the rest of his life behind bars with no chance of parole.

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