PETA's Naked Fish Protest at Bayfront Park FAIL!

Despite us bashing PETA for its excessive use of sex to sell its point, we admit we were a bit intrigued that the group was planning to stage a "lie-in" at Bayfront Park while posing as "naked fish." Can't blame us for getting excited about any kind of disturbance in a city where people seem to take a stand only when it involves Fidel Castro.

Alas, seems like it wasn't what we had hoped for. "Naked" meant girls in pasties, which doesn't qualify as naked in our book. And the only people there seemed to be the five "naked fish," some PETA coordinators, a few photographers, and Miami Police. Nobody got hauled off to jail, nobody got splashed with red paint, and nobody got naked. "The most interesting thing that happened was when the cops came and said [the "naked fish"] couldn't lay there, so they had to stand up," reported our photographer, Logan Fazio.

Click here to view the full slide show of today's protest.

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