Pence Visits Miami, and Dems Kill Their White House 2020 Chances With Dumb Venezuela Talk

Pence and Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó
Pence and Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó White House/Venezuelan Assembly Via Wikimedia Commons
click to enlarge Pence and Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó - WHITE HOUSE/VENEZUELAN ASSEMBLY VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Pence and Venezuelan leader Juan Guaidó
White House/Venezuelan Assembly Via Wikimedia Commons
Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Miami Friday to show his support for Juan Guaidó, leader of the opposition in Venezuela, whom many, including President Donald Trump, would like to lead the embattled South American country.

Pence will likely meet with Republican leaders such as new Sen. Rick Scott and Gov. Ron DeSantis, as well as representatives of the Venezuelan opposition. They will make a show of it.

And it just might win them the White House in 2020.

Why? Because liberal Democrats, including Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and, most egregious, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar can't help themselves. They are falling all over themselves to complain about a coup in Venezuela by the opposition to topple strongman Nicolás Maduro, who put himself in office through thoroughly undemocratic means and is starving his people.

Their words have drawn the ire of Miami's immigrant community, which is well aware of the dire economic situation in Venezuela and the desperate need for change.

Minnesota's Omar recently called Trump's move to support Juan Guaidó "a coup" and called for "peaceful dialogue" despite the fact that Maduro has spent years clamping down on the opposition and that sanctions have failed.
Sanders also can't shut up. Though beginning with a measured tone, he then backed off support for the opposition, tweeting that the United States "has a long history of inappropriately intervening in Latin American nations; we must not go down that road again." 
Gabbard, whose candidacy may have been dead before it started because of inappropriate comments, tweeted, "The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela."  Then there's California Rep. Ro Khanna: "Blatant American meddling." Really?
This is the talk of the Democratic Socialists, who have also called it a coup:
Florida Democrats, who understand the situation and the pivotal role played by Venezuelans, who have also dealt with a repressive regime for decades, have taken a more measured tone:
There are times when the United States needs to assert itself in Latin America. Building a wall is not the answer. Indeed, Democrats, by calling for hands off Venezuela, send the same stupid, isolationist message that the president has offered with his "medieval wall," as the Dems have called it.

Florida may well decide the presidency next year. Understanding Latin America and Miami's Latin American immigrants is vital to gaining the advantage. So far, Democrats have earned a flunking grade. And that could mean four more years of Trump.   
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