Pelosi disses Obama in the Gables

You wouldn’t have noticed it Wednesday night unless you listened closely, but House speaker Nancy Pelosi waited 40 minutes to mention Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

It was a major diss. It hurt.

The reason: Pelosi was speaking in Coral Gables to an audience of about 1,200 wealthy Floridians – many of them Jews, who are critical to Obama’s run both here and nationally. She was shilling for her new book, “Know Your Power, a Message to America’s Daughters,” at a forum set up by Books & Books at Temple Judea on Grenada.

The old lady of the house was funny, smart, and interesting. She drew the biggest laugh of the evening when she termed her fellow House members “bozos” for not understanding the plight of women.

Pelosi may end up the most powerful person in America over the next four years – because she will be so critical to Obama’s plans if he gets elected. She listed the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, health care, infrastructure, and preserving the planet as the key issues. Heady stuff.

Yet Hillary Clinton figured more prominently in her speech. The defeated presidential candidate’s name came up more and more quickly than Obama – in only 20 minutes – and said Pelosi: “[Her candidacy] is a great step forward.”

-- Chuck Strouse

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