Paulina Rubio Arrested After Screaming "All of You Miami Cops Are Abusive"

Singer Paulina Rubio has continued her string of alleged odd behavior. The Mexican singer was involved in a car accident this weekend in Little Havana, which lead to an arrest after a hysterical confrontation with police. However, she was let go in order to go home and breastfeed her young son.

Rubio's BMW hit another car in Little Havana Saturday, though the accident was apparently not her fault. Police showed up to assess the situation, but Rubio wouldn't comply with their requests. An officer asked Rubio to get out of her car, but the singer refused.

"All of you Miami cops are abusive," she yelled at the officer. The arrest report also indicated that she was acting nervous and cursed at the officers.

"Help! Help! I didn't do anything! Look what they're doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!" she continued to yell.

She was eventually put into handcuffs for refusing to comply with police, but continued screaming for help and threatened to call her attorney.

However, Rubio eventually calmed down and apologized. She escaped being transported to jail after telling the officer she needed to get home and breastfeed her young son. She will have to appear in court, however.

Rubio is currently dealing with a multi-million dollar lawsuit in a Miami court after exhibiting weird behavior and refusing to appear at a concert in South America.

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Kyle Munzenrieder