Paula Dockery Looking into Governor's Race

So much for the state Party's efforts to playdown the importance of primaries during the 2010 election cycle. Attorney General Bill McCollum is the establishment favor to take the Republican's nomination for the Governors race. So much so that it seems Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson was pressured out of the race, but the grass roots and others in the party aren't so happy with the heavyweights crowning their favorites with out a challenge. 

Coming off news last week that former state legislator Dan Webster may enter the Republican fray, comes word that another Republican legislator is also interested. Sen. Paula Dockery was previously mentioned as a possible candidate for Rep. Adam Putnam's US House seat when he retires from the body in 2010, but she tells Lucy Morgan at the St. Pete Times that she's also interested in running for Governor. 

The Lakeland Republican has served in the state house, and currently in the state senate. She's been the majority whip in both bodies. Her greatest claim to fame is as a steadfast opponent to the CSX-Sun Rail deal. 

It's asking a lot to expect that a primary fight doesn't develop in either party in either the Gov or Sen's race, and believe me the media will cling on to any that actually has a shade of possibly being competitive. There's a whole lot of stories to file before November 2010, you know. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.