Pats Just Going to Take It from Joey Porter

Is it even news anymore that Joey Porter runs his mouth? It's like, "I saw some birds fly, the grass is green, oxygen passes through our lungs, Joey Porter is trash-talking his opponents." It's only news if those things stop happening, or in Porter's case, the object of his derision replies in a noteworthy way.

This week, Porter was bringing up a game from last season when he thought the Pats unnecessarily ran up the score, before issuing the warning: “Now they’ve got to come into our yard. All the little antics they had before the game and stuff like that, they’re not going to try that in our house."

Of Course the Dolphins miraculously ended the Patriots' incredible regular-season win streak during week three, 38-13. The rematch is set for this weekend at Dolphin Stadium, and the Patriots' reaction to Porter's mouth is to put their tails between their legs and basically agree.

"When you have 12 and a half, 13 and a half sacks, or whatever he's got in 10 games, you can pretty much say what you want in this league and get away with it," Patriots fullback Heath Evans responded Tuesday. "Until we do something about him, he's earned the right to say what he wants to say. They're 1-0 against us this year."

--Kyle Munzenriederrant

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