Patricia Poleo: Fugitive, or Mercenary?

I met Venezuelan blogger Luis Carlos D�az at a media conference at University of Miami last week. He told me that he had just published a post about my article on Patricia Poleo. It seems he thought it was pretty skewed.

A rough translation of his comment: "The press in Miami received me with an article that was frankly worthless: Patricia Poleo, the paradigm of Venezuelan mercenary journalism, as 'The Fugitive.'"

D�az said he thought it was telling that Poleo, often loathed outside of certain pro-Chavez circles in her native country, was presented as a victim in Miami. If you're a Spanish-speaker, Diaz's overall impressions of Miami and his take on Venezuelan politics are interesting. It seems like he entered with a few preconceived notions though, opining for example that only the Latin American employees at MIA were nice to him. --Emily Witt


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