Pat Riley Sued for Keeping Land Deal Profits to Himself

Heat President Pat Riley has bigger problems this summer than just trying to re-sign guard Dwyane Wade. Riley is being sued for $5.5 million by a real estate broker who says the Hall of Fame coach didn't live up to a promise he made to break him off a piece of $50 million he earned on a land deal stemming back to 1990s.

According to CBS4, Randy Hill claims he put together a deal for Riley to buy 700 acres of land near Fort Myers in 1998 for $12.5 million. Thanks to housing and retail shops built on the land, Hill says Riley made out like a bandit over the years but never paid the broker what he had initially promised. Riley, of course, denies any promise of compensation. Maybe he could go to his All-Star guard Dwyane Wade for advice on how to handle the case after the latter settled a $25 million suit with former business partners earlier this year. The case is set for trial August 28.

  • Brandon Michael Thomas, 25, was killed Wednesday evening when his motorcycle crashed into a car near the intersection of SW 137 Avenue and 136 St. Thomas was ejected from the bike and died at the scene.[AP]
  • U.S. Border Patrol took 18 individuals who landed on the beach in Palm Beach into custody Wednesday. The group, made up of 5 Haitians and 13 believed to be from China, was first spotted walking along the beach and then found in a vacant lot. [AP]
  • Police identified Jamie Villaronga, 39, as the woman who drowned after her SUV plummeted into Palmetto Bay on Wednesday. Villaronga is the wife of former Homestead Police Major Joseph Villaronga who retired amid a corruption investigation in 2008. [NBC]
  • A search is on for Marisol Ramon, 40, who has been missing for more than two weeks and who was last seen at the Royal Oaks Shopping Plaza in Miami-Lakes. Family members say it is not like Ramon to take off and disappear, and cops believe she was last in the company of her ex-boyfriend Roque Torres, but they can't find him either. [Channel 10] If you have information contact Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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