Party with Local Designer for Her Supermodel Debut

Last time we checked in with Make Me a Supermodel, it was to tell you that local "freelance model" Laury Prudent was part of the cast. I think MMAS is one of those shows you tune in to once in a while because there's some contestant you fancy, but since America's Next Top Model has set the train-wreck quotient for model reality competitions, and the contestants or plot lines really aren't that interesting, you just end up checking the website every few weeks to see if there was a swimsuit or underwear shot. No, it is far from a train wreck. It is more like a train running swiftly and hitting a few bumps every now and then. And no one wants to watch a show about trains that don't wreck, save for Shiny Time Station.

Anyway, Prudent is still in the running and will be joined this week on Shiny Model Station by another Miami local, designer Kayce Armstrong. Armstrong's line, Art of Shade, is known for using recyclable materials. She has also participated in Style Wars, a live, club-based series of events challenging designers to create "instant couture" with an oddball assortment of materials in less than five minutes. We don't have much info about the next episode, but it definitely seems to feature the Style Wars concept. No one wished a train wreck upon Armstrong, but we're glad there's a reason to watch. 

By the way, Armstrong will celebrate her national television debut with a watch party at the Forge this Wednesday. RSVP to [email protected] Flyer after the jump.

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Kyle Munzenrieder