Party Crasher - Jeter does New York in Miami

Derek Jeter is certainly celebrating his off season with a bang. The Yankees’ shortstop has been making appearances around town on the club scene at Mansion, Set and the Red Room, spending some of his hard-earned $21 million salary from this year. Jeter made sure to pay homage to his love for N.Y., making a pit stop at Jerry’s Deli on the Beach for a quick bite on Saturday. Jeter arrived at Jerry’s around 1 p.m. where he was seated at a window booth, which was not to his liking. After making another one of his notorious scenes, Jeter demanded a different table. Upon being reseated, Jeter ordered an egg white omelet while signing autographs between bites, sure to let his fans know he was in no mood for being cordial. Instead, the baller gushed about his eventful night on the beach, loud enough to draw onlookers and gawkers. The infamous Jerry’s, known for stacked sandwiches and slow service, was especially speedy for Mr. Jeter. It must have been nice to order some of that traditional New York grub without the hometown haters chucking Reubens at him. -- Tracy Block

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Tovin Lapan