Paris Hilton Is an Aquarius, Therefore She Does Not Owe These Producers Money, Duh

Riptide went into this week thinking, You know what? Let's keep our coverage of the Paris Hilton Pledge This trial to a minimum. We'll keep it classy around here and talk about hot and sexy political fundraising numbers, because people love that. 

Well... we wrote about it, so we guess we need to kinda keep up on this very important legal saga. 

And by "keep up on it," we mean link to NBCMiami, whose hard-hitting coverage includes this quote from Hilton's testimony: 

"I promoted this movie from the very beginning, basically plugging this movie more than I ever plugged anything in my life," she told Judge Federico Moreno. "I'm an Aquarius, so I'm very creative -- I do the creativity and they do the business."

Or as Johnny Cochran would say, "My client is an Aquarius; if you think she's liable, you must be delirious."

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