Paris Hilton in Court: Sarah Palin Should Take A Few Cues

I am sick of Sarah Palin complaining about the horrible media and her pesky legal problems. Why doesn't she put herself in Paris Hilton's size 11 glittery pink Cavalli stilettos for once? 

Palin had her e-mail hacked and displayed online? So what, Hilton had her sidekick hacked and its entire content displayed online. Palin has five kids to raise? Why doesn't she try dealing with Hilton's 17 dogs? Two of whom were eaten by coyotes! You know what Sarah Palin would do in that situation? She's hunt those animals from a helicopter, but Hilton is too kin a soul to ever do that. 

Sarah Palin complains about the mainstream media's predatory coverage? Why don't you try being a regular fixture of the tabloid media, Sarah? 

Sarah Palin has to deal with various lawsuits and ethics complaints, and what does she do? Resign. When Paris Hilton has to deal with legal matters she strolls in to court like a lady and faces the justice system head on. One can't simply resign from being Paris Hilton, it's impossible. 

Today, Paris Hilton --ever the ideal of femininity, honor and decency, strolled into the Ferguson US Courthouse in Miami in an elegant black & white frock to courageously -- I mean truly, this lady embodies grace under pressure -- defend herself from a lawsuit brought against her by the producer of her charming movie Pledge This. These producers claim Hilton failed to properly promote the movie, and are seeking $8.3 million in damages even though the flick only cost $7.5 million to produce. 

Paris was expected to take the stand this afternoon. No word on whether she has as of yet. The trial is expected to wrap up on Tuesday. We can only justic will prevail. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.