Parents Arrested for Giving Their Kids Pot to Do Chores

Weird things happen every week in Florida. Every Friday we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: bad parents, public sex, and meth-fueled car surfing. 

Parents Bribe Kids With Coke and Pot to Do Chores and Schoolwork 
Some parents will do anything to make sure their kids get through school, but Joey and Chad Mudd of Largo went too far. They were arrested this week after it was found that they bribed their 13- and 14-year-old daughters with marijuana to do chores and schoolwork and that Daddy Chad allegedly even once did cocaine with his children. 

The arrest report, obtained by the Smoking Gun, doesn't clarify how the parents got caught, but it does indicate that both admitted to using the drugs as a "bargaining tool." Joey admitted to smoking pot with her kids five times, and Chad admitted to doing coke with them once in his truck. The two also have a preschool-aged child. Joey was charged with two counts of child abuse, while Chad caught six counts of the same charge and an additional charge of cocaine possession.

Meth Man "Surfed" on Cars
Florida may not be known for its especially big waves, but 25-year-old Jonathan Restrepo found a new way to surf. The man got out of his girlfriend's car in Manalapan in the middle of traffic and began running to other cars screaming for help and trying to get inside. 

"He kept jumping on cars, begging people to let him in, which nobody did, fortunately," one witness told WPBF.

He then climbed atop a Nissan Altima, clung to the roof as the car moved, and occasionally peeked down through the window at the driver. Eventually, police arrived, and they easily caught Restrepo, who admitted he was high on crystal meth.

Couple Caught Having Sex on Beach Forgoes Plea Deals and Ends up Facing 15 Years Behind Bars
Last July, Jose Caballero, who is 40 years old, and 20-year-old Elissa Alvarez were found pretty much getting it on at a public beach in Bradenton. A family noticed them. Mom asked them to stop, and they did for a while, but they started again a little while later. The family's great-grandmother then pulled out her cell phone and recorded them. Several others also witnessed the event and called police to complain. Both were arrested. Caballero, a bodybuilder, was wearing a teeny-tiny orange mankini when he was handcuffed. 

So we're talking about video evidence and several witnesses, yet Caballero and Alvarez both decided to forgo plea deals and face trial. The jury took only 15 minutes to return with a guilty verdict. Jury members didn't buy the defense — which was basically that no one technically saw genitals. The charge — lewd and lascivious behavior in the presence of someone 16 or younger (yes, there were kids on the beach) — carries a maximum sentence of 15 years and requires both to register as sex offenders. Prosecutors plan to go easy on Alvarez and request a 60-day sentence, but they may seek the full sentence for Caballero because he got out of jail only recently after a drug conviction a few years ago.
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Kyle Munzenrieder