Parcells Wants Trent Green

Here's a feather in your cap: the new Dolphins front-office wants Trent Green back for 2008.

I may not have any NFL front-office experience, but I’m guessing it might not be the best idea to bring back the guy with cat shit for brains that sucked before he got hurt.

I think Bill Parcells is fucking with us on this one. He has to be. I mean, is he actually using the same blueprint the previous regimes used? (The blueprint: a drawing of a screw next to a baseball)

Someone must've slipped some stupid pills into Bill's Big Gulp. Or perhaps Cam Cameron rubbed the office phone all over his body before he left it to Bill. Because stupid is a disease. And it's apparently contagious.

At this point, I think we should seriously start considering bringing in Tom Cruise. He's the only one who can help. -- Chris Joseph

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Tovin Lapan